Car Scrapping Procedure

Recycle Introduction

Our job is to recycle vehicles, and distribute the components to different countries. (e.g. Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries in East Africa) And use a large iron press to scrap the car into pieces and recycling those materials to recreate other things, in order to attain the environment benefits.

Step1: To Scrap or not to scrap

How to decide whether scrap or not?
Reasons for scrapping and recycling cars:
Lack of parking space in Hong Kong?
Does the the cost and time of repairing exceed the value of the car?
Want to cash out the car immediately?
You know that your car needs more repairs in the future?
Don't want to be bothered by the long process of selling your cars?
The car is older, the market demand is lower?
Want to dispose of cars efficiently in a short period of time?
You want a new car?
If any of the above situations appears, car scrapping is your best choice.

Step2: Upload your car information

Motor vehicles valuation, need to gather the information of your vehicle, upload to our online quotation system, phone call or message via whatsapp (5543-3226), in order to contact us. Your information will be restricted and will not be used for any purpose.

Step3: Quotation received

You will receive our quotation and result within 24 hours. If you satisfy with the quotation we have provided, we will arrange an appropriate time and venue for the settlement.
⭐⭐⭐Higher quotation will be given if you come to our workhouse.⭐⭐⭐

Step4: Bring all the paperwork, and clear out all of your personal items in the car.

Please bring :
1.The original registration document of the vehicle (Vehicle Registration Book)
2.Vehicle licence (vehicle licence discs ) original & copy
3.Owner’s ID card (Original & Copy)
4.Car keys
Staff will be on the spot to check the vehicle, after ensuring there is no problem, we will start the transition.Please be sure that you have clear out all personal items, no matter valuable or not.
It can avoid problems after the settlement, also ensures that you don't need to waste your time and energy to search.

Step5: Cancellation of Car Registration

Car owners must cancel the registration within five days after handovering the scraped car.
1.Vehicle Registration Book (Origin)
2.Vehicle license (driving license) (Origin & Copy)
3.Owner’s ID card (Origin)
4.Residential Address Proof
5.Vehicle Scrapping Certificate (as well as ‘the scrapping paper')
6.Duly completed TD184 Form (Notification for Cancellation of Vehicle Registration)