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In early stage of our company, we only provided services for companies which work in same industry. As the innovation and development of our company, in order to provide more convenience and reasonable service, the platform has opened to public.

Professional Car Scraping Service

As a professional company, the car scraping procedure has strictly control. First of all, Speed Scrap provide car scraping and components recycle all over Hong Kong. With the disparted components, majority of them will be exported to overseas buyers, the rest will be proceeded as scrap iron. We promise that no illegal usage will appear. As a licensee company, we guarantee to provide the highest price, safe and experienced service. We accept all kind of vehicles, including private cars, motorcycles and trucks etc.24-hour hotline (whatsapp): 55433226

Contact Us

Contact number: +852 5543 3226Whatsapp: +852 5543 3226Our Address:Yuen Long Fan Kam Road No.13(Behind the Pat Heung Police Station)

About Us

Thanks to the support of all our customers, SpeedScrap has been providing  recycling and car services within the same industry for many years, including large car dealers and small car companies.

From now on, we have decided to provide the online car quotation platform, recycling and car service to the public. we hope to get the recognition of most of our customers and become the preferred car recycling company.

SpeedScrap is a government-approved registered car recycling company, With the license granted by the government, we have been working for many years to raise the recycling price of our own trailers and service all the districts in Hong Kong. Time, place, determine by you. Cash settlement, required documents were prepared for the customer. If necessary immediately WHATSAPP 55433226 give us vehicle pictures quote reply ASAP!

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