Scrap Car

Scrap car service is a relatively unpopular industry in Hong Kong. Some people don’t even know what a scrap car is. Scrap car service is a kind of efficient vehicle treatment when the value of the car is lower than daily maintenance, repair and the time cost of repair. In this way, the abandoned vehicle is disassembled by a machine, and the parts obtained are more environmentally friendly

Scrap Car - Recycling Vehicle

Scrap Car - Recycling Vehicle

When reciverd the vehicle, the customer’s car will be analyzed first by a professional car master, and the car’s performance, parts, year, and accessories will be tested for usability. Finally, the car will be properly treated based on the results method.
Scrap Car - The kind of Recycling Vehicle

Scrap Car - The kind of Recycling Vehicle

In good condition:
1.Inspection and maintenance
2. Vehicle Spraying, cleaning
3. Export for used car for sale

Poor condition:
1. Disaparting of the car
2. Steel recycling – recycling

Scrap Car - The disparted components of the car

Scrap Car - The disparted components of the car

Due to the unpopularity of the scrap car service industry, many customers will worry about how the scrap car company will handle the car after the car is received, and whether the car will be used for illegal purposes, thus causing the customer to trigger legal liability. After the car, reset the received car to disassemble and classify and export the parts to overseas export buyers. Others are treated with scrap iron.

Scrap car and recycling vehicle service

Scrap cars and recycling vehicle services are mysterious to many people.<br /> Too many scrap car companies do not even have government-granted licenses. When customers choose such companies, they actually bear high risks. The scrap car service also provides a service for processing documents, and through the development of technology, scrap car companies are making greater efforts to develop online car quotation platforms to provide faster and more convenient services for car owners.

The price of scrap car

One of the opposing considerations for customers is whether to choose a scrap car service or not. The price of the scrap car service is currently being developed. The scrap car companies are now developing an online car quotation platform so that customers can upload their car information to the platform and obtain quotations. When customers go online After getting a quotation, if the price is not satisfactory, you can choose not to scrap the car, and it will not be embarrassing. Therefore, the scrap car companies that have an online car quotation platform will get better prices.


  1. Determine if you want to scrap a car
  2. Upload car information
  3. Get a valuation of the recycling car
  4. Bring documents and to clean up your personal belongings in the car
  5. Cancellation of car registration

The promise of
scrap car service

The promise of Speed Scrap

  • Your car is being processed in a legal workshop

  • To send the car to the workshop by trailer

  • The recycling price is fair and clear without any additional cost

  • Free analysis of cars should be recycled or sold

  • If you are not satisfied with the recycling price, we will not charge any fees.

The risk of scrap car

  1. The process is simple and easy to understand. Vehicles will not be transferred to multiple operators. Car owners’ personal data is absolutely confidential.
  2. Some cars are transferred many times during the recycling process, your personal data may utilise by criminal.
  3. In the event of an irresponsible intermediary whom improperly handling of the vehicle, car owners are at risk on committing crimes. You are only guaranteed by the legally registered car company.

How to choose the scrap car companies

There are too many scrap car companies, many of which don’t have licenses. If you want to relieve scrap car without illegal and have a high-price, you do not have many choices.

Speed Scrap

Speed Scrap is a government-recognized and registered car recycling company. It has been in business for many years. After time verification, it has been providing recycling cars and scraps car service services, including large car companies and small car companies. The trailer team raised the recycling price to serve all districts in Hong Kong. Time and location are up to you. Cash settlement, preparing the necessary documents for customers, becoming the preferred recycling company for everyone.