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Recycling price is reasonable, government registration, confidence guarantee

1. The process is simple and easy to understand. Vehicles will not be transferred to multiple operators. Car owners’ personal data is absolutely confidential.
2. Some cars are transferred many times during the recycling process, your personal data may utilise by criminal.
3. In the event of an irresponsible intermediary whom improperly handling of the vehicle, car owners are at risk on committing crimes. You are only guaranteed by the legally registered car company.


We assure you that:

  • Your car is being processed in a legal workshop
  • To send the car to the workshop by trailer
  • The recycling price is fair and clear without any additional cost
  • Free analysis of cars should be recycled or sold
  • If you are not satisfied with the recycling price, we will not charge any fees.


Vehicle was received to analyze the performance of the car, the mechanics, the year, the accessories, etc., to make appropriate quotation.

The car received is roughly divided into:
In good condition:
1.Inspection and maintenance
2. Vehicle Spraying, cleaning
3. Export for used car for sale

Poor condition:
1. Disaparting of the car
2. Steel recycling – recycling